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The Spring/Summer 2019 Shoe Trends That Don't Require a Pedicure

The Spring/Summer 2019 Shoe Trends That Don't Require a Pedicure

After a seemingly endless winter of stuffing our feet into boots and forgetting about them, they may be looking less sleek, sexy and sandal-ready and more like, well, horse hooves. Of course, having the occasional pedi is good self care, but who has the time or funds for biweekly trips to the spa? Thought not.

Never fear, dear fashion fan, because this post is dedicated to that elusive style creature: on-trend footwear which is both comfortable and hides your toes! Double winner.

7 Shoe Styles for Spring 2019

You’ll likely have some of these top shoe styles for 2019 in your wardrobe already, but affordable versions of them all abound in most stores, so plugging any gaps won’t be prohibitive:

Rollin J Billie  woven mules

Rollin J Billie woven mules


Simple, sleek and defiantly closed toe! I bought a pair of flat mules from Target last year in shiny silver and practically wore them out. This year pick them up in velvet, raffia and especially woven leather. If you only buy one thing on this list, make it these. The white ones in the main picture are from TopShop.

Steve Madden  loafers

Steve Madden loafers


For that chic Italian-on-holiday look, you can’t beat a loafer. Spending a little more on these is worthwhile - your bare feet will thank you for softer leather, and they’re such classics that you can wear them forever.

Sam Edelman  leather espadrilles

Sam Edelman leather espadrilles


Not exactly newcomers to the summer shoe list, espadrilles are still going strong because they’re so versatile. A black leather pair I bought 4 years ago still gets wheeled out each spring and worn more than I think possible.

This year embroidery is hot, as is denim and even feather embellishments if you’re looking to make a statement.

Botkier Callista oxfords in gold

Botkier Callista oxfords in gold


Preferably in light colors or metallics, lace up oxfords or brogues look great at this time of year. Of course they’ll look great with jeans or other trousers, but they’re also a super cute alternative to heels with dresses and skirts.

Shoe boots/Booties

The hybrid also known as a “shoot” comes into its own at this time of year. Edgier than a girly summer sandal, they work for work (so to speak) or the rodeo (I live in the wild West, we have them).

Carmen Salas  sandals

Carmen Salas sandals


Still going strong, these closed toe mary-jane-esque flats work with everything. A few years ago I wore a TopShop black and coral suede pair to a wedding and then to the beach (not on the same day, to be clear). And coral is everywhere again this year, so I’ll be dusting the sand off those Toppers numbers.

Nike  Air Max 1

Nike Air Max 1


My Adidas Stan Smiths will definitely be getting more airplay this spring now that boots are no longer mandatory. Nike Air Max 1s, which come in every colorway imaginable, are also amazingly wearable and will last years.

Which spring shoe styles are you most excited to wear now the weather is warmer? Let me and know and send pics. And check out the cornucopia of closed toe summer shoes on our dedicated Pinterest board.

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