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Top trends for leaf season

Monday was the first day of fall. So, it’s officially time for new season fashions *does mental cartwheel*.

Because I am ever your selfless servant, I rounded up what look like being the hottest - yet still totally wearable - trends for autumn 2019. Bear them in mind when browsing the rails (real or virtual) or, even better, when digging out your own cooler weather clothes from storage. There truly is nothing better than remembering that you already own and love some of these styles…

Who needs cool when there’s quirky?

As the summer starts to fade and new season clothing hits the rails, I’ve noticed a distinct shift from the cool to the quirky: vintage styling, cute prints and a lot more color. Maybe it’s because we need cheering up in these crazy times? Who knows. But I’m on board.

Here are a few of my favorite purveyors of fashion with a twist.