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Jeans For Every Body and Every Occasion

Jeans For Every Body and Every Occasion

If you’re like me, you own way more pairs of jeans than you could ever actually wear in this life or the next. A mountain of styles and sizes that once fit, may again in the future or which you’re hoping will come back around (I’m looking at you, boot cuts). If you want to go all Marie Kondo on your surplus denim, what should you spare and what should you shove out the door? And where might you need to plug some gaps? Look no further than my guide to the jeans which you’ll love this season and way beyond, and which will love you right back.

Demi Flare

The demi flare might not be a familiar term but you’ve probably seen them around for a year or two now. They are here to stay and for good reason - the kick flare is super flattering, but the ankle length brings them bang up to date and makes them perfect for spring and summer.

Wide Legged

A summer classic, these can also work well when the temperatures drop again with brogues or sneakers and a cute sweater. A lighter weight denim will serve you better in summer due to the sheer volume of it, but make sure they aren’t so flimsy that they crease around the crotch.

Straight Legged

A close relative of the “mom jeans” that have been doing the rounds for the last few years, this version also has a high waist, but less of a peg leg (keep up). As a result they’re more forgiving on the rear end and thigh, especially in darker shades. TopShop’s Editor jeans are the best example of this style and are having a bit of a fashion moment.

Paper Bag Waist

For the days when only a baggier jean will do, the new paper bag waist jean is more forgiving - and smarter - than the low slung “boyfriend jeans” of yore. They won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, for sure, but they’re a great summer option to mix up your denim style.

Turn Ups

Blank NYC The Varick  cuffed jeans

The newest kid on the denim block, deep turn ups are officially in. In dark washes they can still look smart, lighter shades are more casual.

To really make a statement, turn ups on a wide leg are out there, but these slimmer legs are more wearable and versatile (Exhibit B: the jeans in the main picture, from Silver Jeans Co. at Macys)

The 70s Flare

Frame Le High Flare  jean at Nordstrom

Frame Le High Flare jean at Nordstrom

Again, a dark wash is going to smarten up these perennials and elongate the leg, but if you’re feeling the more summery vibe, go for a more vintage, paler wash.

I always find the length tricky here - for wearing with platforms or wedges you need an extra inch or two. For flats, not so much. Maybe the turn up trend could serve you here?

Which of these new season styles will be winging their way into your wardrobe (or being brought back from the Siberia pile?). Let me know and, as ever, check out the Pinterest board with tonnes more options.

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