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H&M Try On: Pants and Dresses

H&M Try On: Pants and Dresses

H&M is always a to-go for me, whatever I’m looking for. Whilst I’ve been less enamored with it over the last couple of years, I mainly attribute that to living in a small city with one smallish store and limited stock, since the website almost always comes through. So when I decided to try on some new season styles for your information/education/amusement, the store sometimes known as Hennes and Mauritz was the obvious choice.

Here are the results of my dressing room struggles…..

Khaki Pants

Muted shades like khaki are everywhere this year, as are paper bag-waist trousers, to the extent that there were at least three different kinds of dark green, tie-waist pants in this one not cavernous H&M store.

There’s not a huge difference between them, but if you were going down this path I’d opt for the slimmer leg, more cargo pant-like version (bottom pic). Believe me, I did not expect to come to that conclusion, but the more voluminous ones felt less flattering.

Patterned Pants

I don’t think I did the blue seersucker-alike pair justice by keeping my thick black tights on beneath them in the changing room, but it was cold and removing them would have been a hassle, so you’ll have to just imagine tanned ankles and cute mules. I liked them but not enough to part with $30.

The palm-print were never serious contenders but I actually liked them more than I expected. Over a swimsuit on the beach they’d actually be useful and pretty darned comfortable.

Finally, the slim-leg florals: they were a tiny bit too snug on me, such that I couldn’t wear them high enough on the waist. If you could, and you paired them with a white tee and woven leather flats, they might just pass muster.


These frocks are very different and comparing them may seem a little unfair, but here goes...

The snake print midi was way too big for me but, with my DIY cinching efforts, it actually looks pretty great and might work for summer events if you wanted to avoid cliched florals.

The (again) khaki was meh, but could be a good work dress, depending upon how you feel about the length.

Finally, the long, white, floaty floral number was just a bit too Virgin Suicides, but I was surprised that I briefly considered making a purchase. In a smaller size it could work for a summer wedding or party.

What’s on your H&M wish list this summer? Have you bought anything there recently you’re loving? Let me know and check out the Pinterest board for more ideas, folks!

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