Top trends for leaf season

Monday was the first day of fall. So, it’s officially time for new season fashions *does mental cartwheel*.

Because I am ever your selfless servant, I rounded up what look like being the hottest - yet still totally wearable - trends for autumn 2019. Bear them in mind when browsing the rails (real or virtual) or, even better, when digging out your own cooler weather clothes from storage. There truly is nothing better than remembering that you already own and love some of these styles…

Who needs cool when there’s quirky?

As the summer starts to fade and new season clothing hits the rails, I’ve noticed a distinct shift from the cool to the quirky: vintage styling, cute prints and a lot more color. Maybe it’s because we need cheering up in these crazy times? Who knows. But I’m on board.

Here are a few of my favorite purveyors of fashion with a twist.

Amazon Fashion: A Survival Guide

What’s the deal with Amazon Fashion? And their new section The Drop, which claims to provide limited edition, fashion-forward pieces designed by global influencers? I investigate and give you my verdict and my tips for navigating the fashion offerings from this global behemoth.

Is SHEIN the next ASOS?

Fast fashion site SHEIN seems to have upped its game recently. So when I found myself in need of some new summer tops I decided to place and order and review it for you, dear reader. Check out the results here, which lead me to ponder whether SHEIN is on its way to becoming the next ASOS…

Target Try On: Who What Wear Dresses

I set foot in Target infrequently and with trepidation, since I usually want to spend the equivalent of a hefty monthly mortgage payment on both clothes (here I’m including shoes and accessories, which are often the best things in the store) and homeware. One of my favorite sections is the Who What Wear concession and on my recent trip I tried on several of their summer dresses to give you, dear readers, an honest view of the current collection. Read my verdict.

Guest Post: Summer Essentials for Women Over 40

Guest post from stylist and blogger Sheereen of Cups of Coco: Summer is finally upon us! It can be so easy to get caught up in what’s trending on social media and stocking our carts with fashion fads. Your spring-to-summer wardrobe can easily get lost in translation. Start with these versatile pieces that are essential to a stylish woman over 40

Easy to Copy Style Lessons from Our Favorite Over-Forty Fashion Icons

Flicking through the pages of glossy fashion magazines has been a favorite pastimes of mine for as long as I can remember. But I’ve always been more interested in how those high fashion (read: hideously expensive) pieces can translate into everyday life and the ordinary woman’s budget. Now I’m 42, I’m particularly interested to see how some of the stylish women I’ve admired for decades are navigating their 40s, 50s and beyond, from a sartorial perspective.

Can I shop in Forever 21 at age 42?

Despite its name, Forever 21 is very much a fast fashion, youth-focussed brand. It is, however, one of only a handful global fashion giant chain stores in my town and it’s cheap. So, can I still get away with shopping there, even though I am twice the nominal age? I decided to hit the summer collections for a try-on session to find out.

The Yoga Clothing Brands You Need to Know About

Yoga pants are now a mainstream part of most women’s wardrobes. And you don’t even need to be a yoga practitioner to wear them. Which yoga clothing brands -amongst the thousands out there - should be on your radar? Check out these great brands available at Hello Yoga, for whom I’m lucky enough to be an Ambassador.

H&M Try On: Pants and Dresses

H&M, a universal go-to for just about everything. But what are its pant and dress offerings like this season? And will they work for you? I did the hard work and test drove 3 khaki pants, 3 patterned pants and 3 dresses so you don’t have to.